Terms of sale


The minimum order on Proseccoshoppe.com is 3 bottles: it is not possible to buy a single 750 ml bottle, only the 1500ml Magnum format is sold individually; the bottles are packed in special boxes dedicated to the transport of wine. To complete the order, in the check-out cart there must be at least 3 bottles of 750 ml, or 1 of 1500 ml Magnum. In Italy only people over the age of 18 can buy wine. Those who buy from ProseccoShoppe.com must declare to be 18 or older before each order. Further verifications may be required at the time of shipment, and in any case by accessing the site you confirm that you are of legal age. Proseccoshoppe.com sells high quality wines, promotes and supports an intelligent and informed use of wine.


Prices are expressed in EURO, with 22% VAT already included, and may change without notice. In case of no indication of prices in the order form, the price indicated in the list will be considered valid. The prices of the bottles do not include the transport costs; the cost of the transport varies according to the destination, the number of bottles ordered and the volumetric weight. See the next paragraph.


The sale of the products by Proseccoshoppe.com takes place via the web, that is through the online purchase by credit card, debit card or Paypal. At the closing act of the purchase Proseccoshoppe.com clearly indicates in the summary of the order the item shipment and its amount. The sale is perfected with the delivery by courier of the products. Proseccoshoppe.com is committed to selecting only transport operators of recognized professionalism and efficiency; Proseccoshoppe.com makes use of several national and international couriers of proven reliability, reputation and expertise in express transport. In addition, these operators shall endeavour to facilitate delivery as much as possible. Proseccoshoppe.com products can NOT be delivered to pick-up point, P.O.Box, or designated mail pick-up locations. It is extremely important to indicate an address where someone is present to receive the goods during working hours. Each courier in order to deliver the products requires the signature of a person 18 years or older.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY ONLY BE SOLD TO A PERSON AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER. By purchasing from us you declare that you are at least 18 years old and that the person who will receive the goods is at least 18 years old and is entitled to purchase and receive alcoholic beverages.

Proseccoshoppe.com uses patented and certified packaging for deliveries that, thanks to its special characteristics, guarantee the integrity of the products transported (Nakpack and Vigoroso). Proseccoshoppe.com delivers the products ordered to the address indicated by you in the purchase procedure, through national and international couriers selected by us on the basis of their proven professionalism. Delivery typically takes place on weekdays, in a period of time ranging from two to five working days from the date of placing the order and relative payment by Credit Card, Paypal, Prepaid Card. For payments by bank transfer, and for orders over 12 bottles, please call Customer Care +39 333 464 8836 or send an email to info@proseccoshoppe.com

info@proseccoshoppe.com SHIPPING COST

Shipping costs (including 22% VAT) are indicated in the order summary. The shipping costs are due and charged to the customer, even if the customer makes use of the right of withdrawal referred to in the following paragraph, or refuses the order, or returns to the sender, for any reason, the goods regularly ordered. The shipping costs for the return of the goods to our warehouse are however at the total expense of the customer. In this case, the customer will have to reimburse the aforementioned shipping costs, and if necessary, in case of non-payment of the same, Proseccoshoppe.com will take legal action for the recovery of the said credit. When the wine is delivered, an ID may be required from the person receiving the package to prove his or her age. If a person not of legal age purchases from us without permission, the wine will be returned to our warehouse and the return costs charged to the responsible person. Parents or legal representatives shall be held liable for the actions of minors under their protection. If necessary, legal action will be taken against those parts considered dangerous by fraud. Shipping costs in these cases will always be charged. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Orders are binding, can be cancelled only if the goods have not yet been sent. Cancellations are only accepted by written communication via email sent to info@proseccoshoppe.com. For orders already processed, the customer can exercise the Right of Withdrawal.


In case of refusal of a package sent by Proseccoshoppe.com to a registered customer, Proseccoshoppe.com will ask the customer for a refund of Euro 25.00 that will cover the shipping, handling and communication costs. Refund costs must be paid within 10 days from the date of request by bank transfer. Failure to pay the reimbursement of expenses or the unavailability of the debtor, we will be forced to contact a debt recovery company, which will recover the credit by legal means, In this case, the amount due to Proseccoshoppe.com will also include the costs of the said debt recovery company. Returned products will not be accepted without prior notice, so we kindly ask you to follow the procedure described above. The costs of returning the products to the Proseccoshoppe.com headquarters are the responsibility of the customer. The product must be complete with all its original packaging, incomplete returns will not be accepted. Perishable products are not guaranteed unless explicitly stated by the manufacturer. For products received damaged due to transport, materials not in conformity with the order forwarded, defects and manufacturing defects, it is necessary to make a written notification within 24 hours of receipt of the goods. If any damage is visible upon delivery, you must write DAMAGED, RETURN TO SENDER, otherwise we will not accept requests for reimbursement. Claims will not be accepted beyond the deadline of 24 hours from the delivery of the goods (the receipt of the courier will be taken as proof).


According to the Italian Mail Order Law, within 10 working days of receipt of the requested goods, the customer is entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal. The customer who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal must send within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the product a registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, containing: the expression of willingness to avail of the benefits granted by law, the indication of the relevant product, the invoice number (if issued), the details of your bank account. The registered mail should be sent to the following address: 8-P srl, via Correr 3 33080 Porcia (Pn). In order to obtain the refund, within 10 (ten) days from the receipt of the goods, the customer must send back to the sender by registered mail the product in respect of which he intends to exercise the right of withdrawal, complete with the relevant sales invoice. Refund terms: within 30 (thirty) days from receipt of the communication in which the consumer expresses the desire to exercise the right of withdrawal, Proseccoshoppe.com will refund by bank transfer or by PayPal, or where applicable, by post office cash transfer.The refund refers exclusively to the price of the product; the incidental costs of shipping and handling will not be refunded and, therefore, will remain at the expense of the consumer. Attention: all products must be returned in its original package, intact and sealed. The goods must be in their original packaging and packed in such a way that during the transport the same packing conditions are guaranteed as those with which they were packed. In addition, in the case of wines, the goods must be properly stored. We will not accept returns of open goods, or clearly left to perish. Open and unsealed products are not eligible for return and refund. Proseccoshoppe.com markets high quality wine; we are committed to the selection of guaranteed, certified and renowned products. Nevertheless, it can happen that a bottle has a defect, or that it is bouchonnée. We ask you to inform us promptly by calling Customer Care +39 333 4648836; together we will find the best solution.


Proseccoshoppe.com disclaims all liability for any wrongdoing committed by its customers through products sold on this website. The consumer confirming the order on this site accepts the conditions of sale in all its points.