Let us welcome at proseccoshoppe.com the new sabers by renowned Italian company Coltellerie Maserin of Maniago del Friuli.

We search Italy for rarities, forgotten craftsmanship, and top quality. As we were exploring for a new line of sabers, we stumbled across a hidden pearl in the remote Friuli mountains: Maserin has been a manufacturer of high-end knives since 1960, specializing in high-level craftsmanship of a unique selection of blades in the ancient “homeland” of blade armory, Maniago del Friuli.

The place is undoubtedly remote, as it sits at the end of endless, torturous countryside roads, across rivers and beyond hills; the name itself evokes medieval antiquities.

The year 1453 marks the beginning of Maniago’s blacksmiths’ tradition when Count Nicolò of Maniago obtained from the Magistrate of the Waters of the Most Serene Republic of Venice the permission to channel the water of the Còlvera torrent into an irrigation canal.  This seemingly small grant allowed local blacksmiths (favris da gros in the local language) to generate the necessary energy derived by channeling water into increasing different altitude jumps. Thanks to the extra speed of running water, they devised a method to forge metal “industrially”; Thus, they began to develop blades, swords, spears, and spikes for the Republic of Venice, ensuring an unparalleled supply chain.

The Maniago blacksmiths further advanced the business by producing new tools for agriculture and loggers, thus giving fame and prosperity to Maniago, the remote village at the foot of the mountains.

In the twentieth century, blacksmiths evolved along with the rest of the world and moved away from weaponry production; still nested in their remote medieval village, they created a new technique involving precision craftmanship, thus making Maniago the world capital of scissors and knives.

In the 1990s, globalization has given a hard blow to the artisan industry, plunging Maniago precision blacksmiths into near extinction.

Yet again, Maniago has found within itself the energy to change and evolve, moving into high-quality craftsmanship, specializing in producing unique objects.

Now Maniago sells all sorts of precision blades, from surgical blades to 5-star chef’s knives, all the way to sabrage sabers, which do not have a cutting edge but need to be made with the sharpest craftmanship!

We chose Coltellerie Maserin, founded in 1960, as it follows the artisanship tradition of Maniago creating exceptional knives and specialized blades. The brand “MASERIN” is synonymous with quality and efficiency acquired during 60 years of activity, thanks to the search for increasingly advanced materials along with the particular attention to detail and design.

The Maserin group believes in artisan tradition and strong family relationships. In the Maniago factory, all phases occur within the company: the family collaborates in the development study, design, production, and finally in the accurate quality control of the final product.

Coltellerie Maserin engages in the continuous search for perfection while pursuing excellence, along with a typical Made in Italy love for intrinsically beautiful objects.  The Made in Maniago mark ensures the century-old craftsmanship attention to detail.

Coltellerie Maserin, supplies many international companies (Beretta Italia, Browning USA, Remington USA), and military departments (Italian State Police, German Police, Carabinieri, Italian Army, Italian Air Force). Recently Maserin has partnered with international chefs, creating unique sets of highly specialized knives. The food and beverages interaction has led Maserin to the creation of a selection of sabers for sabrage.

The sabers produced by Coltellerie Maserin have the peculiarity of being entirely Made in Italy, designed specifically for the sabrage technique (see article on this blog), tested, and guaranteed. These sabers are beautiful objects, created with selected woods, made with fine artistry, with which it is a pleasure to open with enthusiasm an excellent bottle.

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  1. Alejandra says:

    L’ho comprato per un regalo, sono innamorata 1 della qualità della sciabola, 2 del meraviglioso logo personalizzato, e 3 del servizio e della serietà delle persone. altamente raccomandato

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