The Pao Santos Saber

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The Pao Santos Saber

The Pao Santos Saber

Coltellerie Maserin, Maniago del Friuli

Made in Italy

Blade: (blunt) Stainless Steel

Handle: Pao Santos Wood

Hilt: Stainless steel engraved with a bunch of grapes

Length: 51 cm

Packaging: dedicated wooden box

Weight: 700 gr

The sabrage is an ancient military tradition that dates back to the period of Napoleon’s military campaigns. Napoleon’s Ussars officers used to open champagne bottles with their favorite weapon: the saber.

The spectacular practice has grown into a new celebratory way to open sparkling wine bottles, now performed with special shorter and blunt sabers. Opening a bottle of sparkling wine with proper sabrage ensures an explosive evening!

The saber proposed by is specifically designed for sabrage, as it is blunt and not sharp at the point; sabrage (sciabolata in Italian) is a technique that requires a bit of practice and dexterity.

We offer here a saber by Maserin, a leading knives manufacturer in Maniago del Friuli;  entirely Made in Italy, this elegant stainless steel saber, is 51 cm long and its hilt is engraved with a beautiful bunch of grapes.

The handle is carved in Pao Santos wood, a rare Brazilian wood in use in naval carpentry and violin-making. Packaged in a wood gift box, we also offer customized engravings (write to Customer Service

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