Cuvée Ripido


Cuvée Ripido

Ripido in Italian means steep; And indeed these hills are steep! Cuvée Ripido is a DOCG Prosecco Superiore created with a blend of grapes harvested by hand along the impossibly precipitous hills surrounding Farra di Soligo.

The blend varies from year to year, as the selected grapes are gathered from vineyards which lay in various soil and sun exposition. Cuvée Ripido is a very rare and refined cuvée full of fruity bouquet and a unique elegance.

This wine embodies the true spirit of the DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene region: the ancient resolution and resilience of a population who can create a jewel of a wine out of a forbidding land. A must try. Available also in Magnum bottles, please contact the Customer Care.


Farra di Soligo hills and Pramaor


soft pressing, second fermentation Charmat method in pressure tank.


11,5 %Vol

Residual sugar:

14 g/l

Weight 1,8 kg


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