Capo degli Onesti


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Capo degli Onesti

Capo degli Onesti is a recurrent winner at the Colfondo competitions and it is a connoisseurs’ delight: made from selected hand-harvested grapes of the extremely steep Bastìa vineyards in Valdobbiadene, this wine is made with the traditional natural refermentation method; that is, the ancient method for obtaining sparkling wines.

The name Col Fondo (sur lie) relates to the lees present at the bottom of the bottle. Bottled in spring, it begins a natural slow refermentation in the bottle: the contact of the wine with its natural enzymes lends the wine a particular aromatic complexity with a touch of spice.

This type of Frizzante wine presents the typical crown stopper, which guarantees the bottle refermentation. A must try if you want to taste the “real thing”, produced by a top quality small vineyard in the heart of Valdobbiadene.




soft pressing, slow, natural refermentation in the bottle, yeasts remain in the bottle.


11 %Vol

Zuccheri residui:

13 g/l

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