I am delighted to share here the steady winning streak that Adriano Gigante’s wines are enjoying.

Here at Proseccoshoppe, we carry a selection of these award-winning wines, which by the way, we have chosen before knowing about the prizes. I have always found the system of awards quite incomprehensible and at times tedious; the wines featured here have almost all collected trophies and medals, but it is an incidental fact compared to our method of selection. We choose what we like, and we go looking personally for wineries and producers. It happened to me more than once to go home after a dinner party with an empty bottle in my bag as a reminder to look up that particular wine and call the producer. Sure, I could have taken a picture of the label, but that empty bottle on my desk is a more effective reminder.

Back to the awards: since we all enjoy winning a medal, as Muttley would say (https://gfycat.com/blindneedybellfrog), we are proud to share the important recognition Gigante’s winery obtained. Here is a brief explanation of the prizes won by Adriano Gigante for those among us who do not follow the trade press. (Elsewhere I will write more extensively on the subject)

Falstaff is an Austrian magazine founded in 1980 specializing in wine, food, and travel. It’s widely read in the German-speaking world, like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The awards it grants each year are very sought after by wineries, as it is an honor and a recognition from a very independent source. https://www.falstaff.at/

Slow wine: leg of the universally known Slow Food, Slow Wine is an exceptional guide dedicated to promoting Italian wine culture.  Here the press release https://www.slowfood.it/comunicati-stampa/slow-wine-2021-novita-della-guida-ai-vini-ditalia-targata-slow-food/

Once again, well done Adriano Gigante! Cheers!!


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