Where is the point of departure of the Prosecco Shoppe products?

Prosecco Shoppe collaborates with the wineries you find on our website; together we package and deliver with the utmost care the wines you choose to buy from us. Thus we guarantee a fast and safe delivery. For international deliveries please contact the Customer Care Line +39 333 464 8836. We speak English, French and Spanish.

How do I get in touch with Prosecco Shoppe?

email info [at] proseccoshoppe [dot] com

Customer Care

8-p SRL via Turati,29 – Milano 20121

How do I get my order if the delivery carrier did not find me?

The delivery company will perform multiple attempts to reach you. In case all were unsuccessful, please get in touch with us. Customer Care. We will try our best to arrange a new attempt at no additional cost. However, if the package is returned to us due to unavailability of the receiver, we will have to charge you again the shipment cost.

What do I do if I am unhappy with my order?

We at Prosecco Shoppe do our very best to keep our customer happy by delivering as fast as possible excellent wines. But if something is not working properly, please do not hesitate to contact us info [at] proseccoshoppe [dot] com o al Customer Care.

My purchase arrived damaged

We have selected the best partner for our deliveries, even if it is indeed the most expensive in the market, and we package with the NakPack method; that is because we care for our wines. However, should something happen to your wine while travelling to you, please call us. Together we will find the best solution for you: either we give you a credit code on your next purchase or we refund the value of the damaged good.

My order is missing some items/ I received the wrong items

If we packaged the wrong selection, please call asap! Customer Care. We will ask you to repackage the box and we will pick it up. We will first of all apologize, and we will either give you a credit voucher or we will refund you.

I have changed my mind and I do not want the order

Please see the chapter Right to Withdraw in Terms and Conditions.

I am unhappy with the taste of a wine I purchased

Prosecco Shoppe sells some of the best white and rosè wine from a very small area of Italy. We choose the products one by one and we know the producers personally. We only buy from wineries with very small productions, thus guaranteeing a very exclusive selection. We stay away from industrial products. Our selection is a highly personalized one, and of course, our taste could be different from yours. However, we love to hear your opinion. Call us, we may be able to find together a solution.

How do I modify an order once it is finalized?

Customer Care reserve the exclusive right to modify or cancel an order once it has been finalized. Usually, once an order is finalized it cannot be cancelled. However, do call us, we like to find solutions together!

Once an order is in transit, is there anything that could be done to change it?

You need to call the Customer Care, they are the only one who can know the status of your order, and decide if it can still be modified.

Can my order be modified once it is being handled by the delivery company?

Customer Care can modify a delivery address or ask the courier to return your purchase to us prior to its departure. In case of return prior departure, we will charge you a handling fee and shipment cost. We will refund you the value of your purchase minus shipment and the handling fee.

Why is it required to be older than 18 years old?

According to Italian Law, under no circumstances, alcoholic beverages can be sold to minors. Prosecco Shoppe along with being an e-commerce for high-quality wines, it is also dedicated to the understanding and developing of the culture of high-quality wines and its conscious consumption. Our delivery partner cannot hand over the shipment to a minor; please make sure that at the time of delivery an adult is present. Please see section Terms of Shipment.

Why is my credit card declined at check out?

In case your credit card is declined at checkout you will see a red banner at the top of the checkout page indicating what is amiss. The most common reason is missing information, either some spaces left blank on our invoice template, or the information provided does not match the bank records. We suggest you put extra care in the filling in the invoice template or contact your bank.

How can I pay for my purchase?

We use Paypal, you can use most types of credit and debit cards through PayPal. If you wish to pay via Bank Transfer, please get in touch with the Customer Care