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About us

Prosecco Shoppe is indeed a “shoppe”; as per the dictionary definition, a shop with old-fashioned charm or quaintness. We chose to open this small online venue as an answer to the supermarket style wine distribution; We feel at a loss in front of row and rows of bottles, as the dizziness provoked by too much choice makes us select only what we already know, or what is cheaper. So here comes Prosecco Shoppe; we selected and tasted each wine here represented, and we give you our personal opinion. We live in the area of production, and we weekly go visit wineries; we speak to the producers, we know what they do!

Italy has a long history of family owned small wineries which produce excellent wines; due to the modern market dynamics these fantastic wines, usually produced in small quantities, are rather difficult to source, as often these wines are only offered in the restaurants. We hope you love our Prosecco Shoppe selection as much as we love and respect the old-fashioned world which thrives through the ancient hills where each bottle of high-quality Prosecco is produced.