San Gottardo, Bastía


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San Gottardo

Cantina: Bastía

San Gottardo is the Saccol’s patron Saint, hence the name of this very traditional wine. This bubble-free prosecco created with the utmost care by Bastìa represents tradition at its best. In Valdobbiadene, prosecco was originally served in taverns by the glass, and it had no bubbles. It is known as Tranquillo, which is the Italian word for quiet, calm. Bastìa selects by hand the last harvest from his oldest and deeply rooted vines, those beautifully twisted sixty yeard old plants. This process gives an exceptional minerality to this Tranquillo, which has very low residual sugars and proves to be a revelation for quality prosecco lovers.




White winemaking with soft pressing.


11 %Vol

Residual Sugar:

4 g/l

Gewicht 1,8 kg


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