Malvasia, Gigante


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Cantina: Adriano Gigante

Malvasia is the most Friuliano of the Bianchi Friulani. Obtained from berries grown on Friuli’s typical alluvial soils, a combination of gravel and clay, the Malvasia Friulana is also known as Istriana, given its particular area of growth on the border area between Italy and Slovenia. The grape is cultivated here since the 300s when the Venetians brought it from Greece. In Venice, Malvasia was a popular wine, so much so that taverns were also known as Malvase. Malvasia Friulana is the iconic wine of the Upper Adriatic, the Isonzo Valley, the Collio, and Istria; it should not be confused with the Malvasia of the south of Italy, a very different often sweet wine. Adriano Gigante’s Malvasia is dry, fresh and delicate, harmonious and aromatic, flowery, and a bit citrusy. With its charming golden yellow, Malvasia is proof of how a wonderful flower can bloom on poor and gravelly soil. Indeed a classy white.


Isonzo Plains (Ud).






Residual Sugar:

0,6 g/l

Gewicht 1,8 kg


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