Eisfreie Flaschenkühler

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The ice free bottle cooler Contatto

Free shipping once purchased with at least proseccoshoppe minimum order (3 bottles) Ok, we can do free shipping also if you buy only Contatto. special promotion 25 At proseccoshoppe we choose only the best, and we are always on the lookout to find new, interesting ideas to complement our delicious wines.

We have sourced this ingenious method to keep your favorite prosecco bottle at the ideal temperature, without ice or icebucket. And without all the wetness that goes with all that, the wet tablecloth, the dripping bottle, the sliding wine label. Not to mention the impossible hunt for enough ice to keep a bottle cool in a warm summer night! Contatto is designed and Made in Italy, in the Veneto region, much like our fav proseccos.

It is a thermal cooling system made of two elements: the elegantly designed stand, which beautifully displays the bottle, and the cooling element. All is made with safe, recyclable and completely non-toxic materials.

All you need to do is remember to keep the cooling element in the freezer; when you are ready to bring your bottle at the table, you insert the cold element in the back of the stand, and voilà! Your bottle will keep the temperature for up to 4 hours! Ehem… 4 hours to drink one bottle of prosecco?? Contatto comes in a convenient standard size which holds any bottle, wine, beer, even water.

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